Contribute – Write For Us

Contribute – Writing For Us

The Way Of SEO aims to deliver up to date quality content and case studies. If you think you can contribute feel free to reach out. You can write about SEO or present a case study.

Technical Requirements

  • Articles must contain a minimum of 900 words.
  • Article subjects can cover SEO subjects or SEO case studies.
  • The article needs to meet SEO standards (headings, keywords, content, article structure, image alt, etc)
  • While you’re at it, your article must link to another article on this site on a related subject.
  • No COPY PASTE articles, I have been doing this for a while now, I can tell what is a copy paste article.
  • Bonus feature: it is recommended that your article will be unique and even a bit entertaining if possible (you can use memes)
  • Images are important, don’t forget to use them!
  • Don’t be afraid to express your opinion.


Article inspection and approval can take up to 7 days. Please stay patient, we do our best to give every article and writer our attention.

Send you Inquiries and Submissions directly to my inbox at:

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